I was wrong

At least I dont have to do too much today. I think im going to get myself a drink at Starbucks once I go pick up the little one from school. Its a nice day. Im bored someone should kik me: livingundercovers or snapchat me: paintitgolden

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"Summer’s Colour" - Basement

"Princess in a white dress
Queen in a dream”

Discover your new favorite song…

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in my head, I wanna do super cute things with someone, like go to shows, and eat good good, and maybe kiss and laugh a lot, but in person, I’m really shy and awkward soo

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I havent slept at all

It rained a little, the wind is blowing the tree branches against my window, im laying here listening to basement and its perfect.

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I dont have to work until 2:30

The usual, Im just sitting in my room on the floor trying to figure out what to do, im cleaning my room, sort of, its a mess I just want to throw everything out, I guess im blessed enough to have too many things, but yeah I need to get rid of these books and a box of cloths I no longer want, I was going to go to Dillards but I think I wont, I dont want to waste anymore gas than i have to and I dont want to spend more money, I think this paycheck is going to be weak, I also need to get rid of speakers and shoes and other dumb crap in here. I want to sell my books at zia and some records I didnt like but I doubt they will give me anything for them. Im listening to tigers jaw charmer, I envy your empathy is too good. Seriously if I play a song repeatedly its that and hum and cool. I need to see them live one of these days.

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Why do I feel the need to do everything and more when I can’t sleep.

Right now im trying to revamp my website and edit some photos. I need to be asleep why do I do this to myself.

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